Expressions Unlimited, Bobbie's studio for actors, is located in Sherman Oaks, CA where the pursuit goes on with 5 intense sessions per week for those who dare to scale the dazzling heights. Her manifesto for novice and celebrities alike is:

  1. Dedication to the work.
  2. Commitment to the role.
  3. Total and complete elimination of the need for personal gain.


Expression Unlimited's Thursday night A-list, legendary industry showcase gives the professionals looking for actors the terrific opportunity to cast their films and TV pilots right off our stage! Some of the professionals who attend our showcases are:

Brad Pitt; Jennifer Aniston; John Landis (Director of "Twilight Zone"); John Daley (Producer "Platoon"); Tom Shadyac (Director "Ace Ventura"); Jane Barthonnamy (Co-Producer "Legends of the Fall"); Steve Wasserman (Producer "Beverly Hills, 90210"); Herb Stein (Director "Days of Our Lives"); Theatrical agents from William Morris, CAA, ICM, and Writers and Artists, Casting Directors Mary Jo Slater, Ferne Cassel, Barbara Claman, Mark Tillman; Lynn Milano (Producer and Manager); Gavin Grazer (Director/Producer Imagine Entertainment); John Singleton (Director); Michael Limbeck (Emmy Award winning Director "Friends"); producer Mike Levy ("Predator", "Tomb Raider", most of Bruce Willis' films); producer Gary Marshall; heads of Bunium/Murray Productions; Former head of Fox Studio, Russ Barry; producer/actor/comedian Martin Lawrence; and too many others to mention at this time.

Our primary objective is that the actor be prepared for a professional career in film. But the ultimate objective is that our actors succeed in TV and motion pictures. --- How better than to have the actor's work auditioned before producers, directors, agents, casting directors... on their own stage... under their lights... in an unprecedented creative environment.

Some of the actors that have come through our studio doors:

Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Steven Dorf, Breckin Meyer, Giovanni Ribisi, as well as celebrity devotees Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins, Academy Award Winner Martin Landau, Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, Rob Reiner, Andy Garcia, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, all of whom have worked out at her studio.

Richard Dreyfuss, Rob Reiner, Bobbie Shaw Chance and Larry Bishop headed up "The Session", New York and Los Angeles' first improvisational comedy group that ultimately paved the way and created the format for "Saturday Night Live", and "In Living Color". "The Session" played the Playboy Club in New York, had it's own club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and appeared regularly on comedy specials for CBS.

When "The Session" split up, Bobbie married writer Larry Chance, had two children Allison and Richie, starred in five independent feature films and began her crusade with The Abused Children's Foundation. She invented a process known as The Healing Arts by incorporating Theater games and on-stage improvisation as a means to treat emotional wounds. As a result Bobbie has been successful in getting many children to open up and learn to trust others.

Bobbie Shaw Chance starred as Hollywood's guru acting coach on WB's hit show "The Starlet" with Faye Dunaway and Vivica Fox -- as well as "Faking It" for TLC. She completed several episodes as the acting coach to the stars on the hit reality show "Fight for Fame" on "E" Entertainment. Bobbie recently starred as acting coach in "Family Crews", Eva Longoria's pilot "Beso: Waiting to be Famous", Dr. Phil's "Decision House", and two episodes of "Keeping up with the Kardashians".

Bobbie is represented by Jack Gilardi (Executive Vice President of ICM).