Class Schedule

Day Start End Type
Monday 7:30 PM ? Scene Study
Tuesday 7:30 PM ? Scene Study
Wednesday 7:30 PM ? Scene Study
Thursday 7:30 PM ? Showcase (8:30 for Producers)
Saturday 12:00 Noon 4:00 PM Expression Session

Class fee is $25, payable per class. Private sessions by appointment only.

Scene Study

(Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night)

Bobbie and Richie Chance's scene study sessions consist of actors receiving material from the studio's vast library, of 1,200 scenes. The scene's originate from feature films, independent films, TV pilots, movies of the week, active TV shows, plays, and audition material brought in by actors and casting directors. Actors are then paired up and begin rehearsing on stage in a cold reading situation.

They're shown how to find the heart of the role.

In all sessions, actors are paired up with other actors who are equal in their level of work.

Some roles are then developed more extensively (scene study). Those actors whose work is ready are then invited into the weekly Thursday night, Hollywood A-List professional showcase.

The Expression Session

(Satuday Afternoon class)

The Expression Session works on the actor, not the role. It is all emotional work and is extremely passionate, opening the actor to be emotionally available so that the actor can express whichever emotion is required by the role.